How to become a mathematical biologist or bioengineer

In Spain, the best way used to be through Physics or Maths, but 
there are now strong undergraduate programs with an intimate mixture 
of Physics/Maths/Engineering and Biology/Biomedicine, like this

At the graduate level there are more options. I teach at the Biophysics program in Madrid, here.

How to give a talk

Uri Alon's 'How to give a talk?' in 6 parts1 2 3 4 5 6
Martin Hill's advice on oral presentations here
Morton Orman's on how not to get stressed when talking in public, here.

How to choose projects

Steven Weinberg's four golden lessons to starting scientits pdf
Uri Alon on how to choose a scientific problem doc

How to teach
David Mackay´s ideas for teaching pdf
David Mackay´s ideas for marking  pdf

Open Notebooks for transparent Science