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FlySiesta, Latest Version

Instruction for Installing

1.  Unzip the files.
The files unzip into a folder named 'FlySiesta', which in turn has a
subfolder named 'fsaux'. The FlySiesta folder can now be moved to
any desired location (but keep the internal structure of the files
and subfolders).

2.  Open MATLAB, and browse to the FlySiesta folder.

3.  Type "install_flysiesta" (without the quotes) in MATLAB.
This will add the FlySiesta folder and subfolders to Matlab's path,
so the program can be run from any location from now on.

4.  Type "flysiesta" (lower-case, no quotes) to run the program.

Example Data

To test FlySiesta and get started, download example data:
Includes files to test all the different analysis and viewing options:
  • Raw activity monitor data (DAMS, .txt) - To start analysis from scratch in Analyzer
  • Analyzed FlySiesta files (.mat) - Ready to be visualized in Explorer, Viewer or Comparer
  • Analyzed FlySiesta Comparison file (.mat) - Pre-load statistical test to speed up Comparer plotting


Apart from Matlab, FlySiesta requires Matlab's Statistical Toolbox and Curve Fitting Toolbox, to calculate and perform the analysis.

Change Log

Details on what's new for each version are posted on the changelog page.