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Amanda Sorribes

Short bio

I did my undergraduate studies in Physics at Lund University, Sweden, with a specialization in Biophysics. My interest in neuroscience led me to find the laboratory of Gonzalo de Polavieja, where I did my degree Final Project using electrophysiology in the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) larval neuromuscular junction.

Excited about the combination of theory and in vivo experiments approach of the lab, I moved permanently to Madrid and enrolled in graduate school. After my first year of coursework I obtained a Master of Biophysics (2007), and have since been developing my thesis work. For my graduate studies I am graciously receiving funding by the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid’s Fellowship Program.

Research interests

In very general terms, my research interests revolve around the interplay between the environment of an animal and its behavioral response, and the processes that transform the sensory systems inputs into a behavioral output. The challenge of understanding how and where the information is processed in the brain motivates me, as well as trying to understand how the environment shapes and adapts that response. This broad interest gives rise to questions on many different levels, from neural properties and circuits and its molecular and genetic basis to questions based in evolutionary theory.

In particular I am currently interested in the structure of behavior, in the dynamics of transitions between specific behaviors and general differences in strategies of behavior. For this I use the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as model organism, due to its great genetic tractability and easy manipulation, remarkable similarities (homologies) to mammals and its fast reproduction cycle.


Experiments using established and newly developed behavioral assays and electrophysiology, as well as theoretical/mathematical analysis and model building.


During the course of studying the dynamics of activity and sleep of Drosophila, I have developed an analysis program, called FlySiesta. It is still under development, but has recently matured enough to get it's own


email: amanda [dot] sorribes [at] cajal [dot] csic [dot] es

phone: +34 915 85 46 52