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Angel-Carlos Roman


Born in Valladolid  1981, I studied a BSc. in Biology (1999-2004) in the University of Salamanca, and a BSc. in Computer Sciences (2001-2005) in the UNED. Dr. Javier De Las Rivas gave me the opportunity to learn bioinformatics (CiC, 2004-2006). After that, I joined Dr. Pedro Fernández-Salguero's group in Badajoz at the University of Extremadura for my PhD thesis. We found the molecular mechanisms by which a novel retrotransposon family is able to regulate long-range gene expression (Roman AC, PNAS 2008 & Roman AC, Genome Res 2011). Currently, as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Dr. Gonzalo G. De Polavieja, I study the molecular substrates underlying personality and group behavior using fish populations.


Genomics and Epigenomics, Personality, Behavioral plasticity, Molecular Ecology, Phenomics, High-Content screening.


Angel-Carlos Roman, PhD
Lab. A-14/15
Instituto Cajal
Avda. del Doctor Arce 37
28002 - Madrid (Spain)
+34 91 585 4650

A single tracked larva

WIK Larvae ‎‎‎(6dpf)‎‎‎ tracked