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Julian Vicente Page

I finished my studies in Physics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in June, 2009. During the degree, I acquired a high formation in Theoretical Physics. Particularly, I was interested in Cosmology and I worked, with a couple of fellowships in 2007 and 2008, studying models of inhomogeneous (LTB) universes and analyzing simulations of the type N-body.

Last year, I met Gonzalo and I decided to change my orientation towards Neuroscience, a field I have always liked, and in which I have a lot of expectation. I am currently studying a master in Biophysics and defining the project for my PhD.

I am interested in studying decision-making, mechanisms of aggregation and leadership in animals. This will include a task of analysing and designing different setups with zebrafish and a work of modelling. I will also study the circuits and neurons involved in the social decision-making, probably relating them to subjects as evolution and optimization. My goal would be to find a direct relation between my work and different social situations in humans.



Curriculum vitae

CV, february 2012 (pdf)