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Francisco Romero Ferrero

Born in Beneixama (Alicante) in 1990, I decided to study Physics when I was 16. In September of 2008 I started my BSc in Physics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM).

At first, I was interested in Theoretical Physics, but little by little I became more interested in how the brain works. I met Gonzalo when I was looking for somebody who worked in Neuroscience from a theoretical point of view. I started to collaborate at the de Polavieja Lab in June of 2012. I received a Collaboration Scholarship in my last year of BSc at the UAM (2012-2013) and I worked with Dr. Raúl Guantes in collaboration with Dr. Polavieja  (Gonzalo).  This work was focused on theoretical models of collective decision making using Markov’s Processes and Gillespie’s Algorithm trying to understand decision making involving total consensus.

I finished the BSc in June of 2013 and in September of 2013 I started the MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). My MSc thesis was focused on creating a methodology to catalogue consensus decisions. I used a goal programming approach to measure how much groups consider the majority or the minority in consensus decisions.

After finishing the MSc in June of 2014, I have started two new projects in the lab. I am trying to understand the dynamics of consensus processes through Bayesian decision models and which are the conditions to ensure a stronger level of consensus. At the same time, I am analysing data of social media influence using also Bayesian models. 

I am interested in understanding the theoretical basis of collective behaviour and group decision making and also in understanding physiology of human interactions. In January of 2015 I am taking courses on behavioural neuroscience within the INDP. These courses will help me to better understand how brain works and will provide me biological tools with which to tackle my future projects.

Collectivity is “more than the sum of its parts”. But, what else? 



Twitter: @PacoRoFe