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Raúl Gil de Sagredo Martín

Short Bio
Born in 1989, Madrid, I started my BSc in Mathematics in September of 2007. I majored in Differential Geometry and Topology, butI had an interest in "how the brain works" since I read the book "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid", written by the mathematician Douglas Hofstadter. 

Shortly after I finished my BSc, I was looking for a project to continue my studies, and found this project, which was brain-ralated and form a physic/mathematic viewpoint. So I decided to give it a shot a step out from the pure math to the theoretical/experimental neuroscience.

Now I am joint location PhD student within the University of Sheffield, UK, in the departemt of Biomedical Science, working fully time in de Polavieja's Lab, in the Cajal Institute, CSIC.

Current Work
Now a days I am developing a software for 3D reconstruction of tracked animal to complement Alfonso's tracking algorithm.

Scientific Interest
Neural Networks and Neural Activity and it's relationship to Computer Science, Computer Vision and Algorithm Development, Ralation between Neural Activity and Social Behaviour.

 +34 91 585 4652