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Programming with Matlab

Part of the Bioinformatics subject in the Biophysics master at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Class materials:

Class 1 (pdf) - Class 1 (ppt) - Updated 14 Oct 2009 (Addition of ~= in slide 13)
Class 2 (pdf) - Class 2 (ppt)
Class 3 (pdf) - Class 3 (ppt)
Class 4 (pdf) - Class 4 (ppt) - Updated 20 Oct 2009 (Expansion of data input/output)
Class 5 (pdf) - Class 5 (ppt)

Summary of frequently used functions

Class exercises - Updated 30 Oct 09 (Day 5)
Data for the 5th day exercises (manchaca.tif)

Final projects:

Each student must select one final project from this list, and send it by e-mail to one of the teachers by November 30.

Note: The data required for some exercises are stored with Matlab r2007b. Students using older versions of Matlab might not be able to open them. If this occurs, get in contact with the teachers, so that we send you the data in an older format.

Option A: Needleman-Wunsch algorithm for protein alignment - Enunciado en español - Updeated 2 Nov 09 (correction in one formula)
Option B: Cryptography - Enunciado en español - Wording in English - Data
Option C: Tracking problem - Enunciado en español - Wording in English - Data
Option D: Simulation of Mendel's experiments - Enunciado en español Updated 25 Nov 09 (correction)
Option E: Analysis of electrophysiology signals (spike detection) - Enunciado en español - Wording in English - Data