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Systems Biology

This subject is part of the Master in Biophysics at UAM. Other teachers for 2008-2009 year were Juan Poyatos, Raul Guantes and Alfonso Perez-Escudero.

Year 2008-2009

Download the class notes, study papers and problem sets for Gonzalo´s and Alfonso´s classes from this site. You may want to bring these to class to save you from taking too many notes. Also, please try out the 'Problems to think' before the class, but these are not used for marking purposes.

1. Optimality in the expression level of a protein

3. Wiring economy in nervous systems

paper cortex
paper axon diameter
paper C. elegans 1
paper C. elegans 2

4. Suboptimal structure in biological systems



Students self-organize into groups of 1-3 people. Each group selects one of the projects below and tell us. Alternatively, they propose to us a different project. Each group gives a 10-30 minute talk (with each person talking for 10 minutes approx). The date for the presentation is selected by the students (latest in mid June and not before 4th May or in 12, 15-25 May or 9th June). Please tell us the date.

This file will be updated as projects are assigned.
List of projects (last updated April 27, 2009, 17:00)


Paper with diameters and lengths for axons here